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S L O V E N C I V H I M A L A J I O D 1 9 5 4 D O 2 0 1 3
On 3rdMay 1991,
Marija Frantar akaMariča
(35), a university student of geography in her
graduate year, and anAlpine climbing instructor of the Alpine Club Rašica (AORašica), and
Jože Rozman (36), amaster carpenter by profession, and anAlpine climber withmembership
in the Alpine Club Tržič (AO Tržič) and a mountain rescuer, both members of the Kanč ’91
expedition, set out towards the summit of theKhangchendzongaMountain (8,586m). Astrong
wind was blowing and the summit was enveloped in clouds. They were 150 metres below it
when theymade radio contact. As bothwere extremely exhaustedThey decided to head back.
At 7 pm, Rozmanmade another contact. Soon afterwards, they seem to have slipped and fell
on a snowy plateau a thousand metres lower.
Boštjan Kekec
(34), an Alpine climber from Škofja Loka, who was employed with the then
Territorial Defence as an Alpine climbing instructor and a member of the Slovenian expe-
dition to K2 (8,611 m), died on 15th June 1993. At the fourth high-altitude camp, he waited
along with his climbing partner to set out towards the summit as the second roped party. As
the weather condition aggravated, Boštjan fell ill with altitude sickness and grew too weak
to descend by himself. Despite the assistance of his colleagues, he passed away while being
transported down to the valley (at an altitude of 7,300 m).
On4thSeptember 1992, another life of one of our excellentAlpine ended in the far-awayNepal,
even though the accident itself did not occur during mountain climbing.
Damjan Vidmar
(31) fromŠkofja Loka, member of the Škofja LokaMountaineering Club (Plezalni
klub Škofja Loka) and amember of the Slovenian expedition to the 7,468-metre east summit
of the Kumbhakarna (Jannu East), drowned while approaching the mountain.
On 14th October 1994,
(25), a member of theMaribor expedition to the Hi-
malaya, disappeared during the descent. After attempting to climb Annapurna 3, he turned
at an altitude approximately of 7,000 m and made the last contact at 6,750 m surrounded by
fog and falling snow.
On 20th June 1995,
Miroslav Svetičič aka Slavc
(37) diedwhile attempting the first solo climb
via the western wall of Gasherbrum IV in Karakorum.
In the early morning of the 4th October 1996,
Žiga Petrič
(25), a Faculty of Sports stu-
dent, and
Bojan Počkar
(33), MSc (Forestry), left the base camp and have not been seen
since. On 27th September, accompanied by a doctor and a few Nepalese, they arrived at
the base of their destination, the 2,000 m eastern wall of Kumbakharna’s eastern peak
(7,468 m). They wanted to climb one of the summits, which had not yet been conquered
and which Počkar already attempted twice, Alpine-style. Soon after departing for their
second acclimatisation tour which led them towards the KabruMountain (peaks opposite
of their destination), they were suddenly surrounded by fog, which is otherwise a regular
daily phenomenon in the area, with the snow starting to fall increasingly. The search for
the two climbers bore no fruit and the rest of the expedition cleared the camp and left the
site without them on 17th October.