Page 83 - Slovenci v Himalaji od 1954 do 2013

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S L O V E N I A N S I N T H E H I M A L AYA S F R O M 1 9 5 4 T O 2 0 1 3
On 31st October 1997,
Janez Jeglič aka Johan
(36), fell from the south-westernwalls, froma
ridge located between the extreme west-side summit (NuptseW-2; 7,742m) and a west-side
summit of the Nuptse (NuptseW-1, also known as the Middle Nuptse; 7,784 m), apparently
due to a gust of wind, after completing the first climb via the western wall of the Nuptse only
a quarter of an hour ago.
On 6th October 2000,
Andrej Markovič
(24) died while descending fromwhat was his first
climb to the Jongsang (7350 m). He was buried in a glacial crack under the wall.
On 25thOctober 2000,
Andrej Zaman
(24) diedunder the peak of theDorje Lakpa (6,966m).
In May 2004, while returning from an expedition to the Dhaulagiri,
Jože Šepič
(56) died on
the screes of Kalopani. Šepič’swishwas to become the first SlovenianAlpine tourist to conquer
the Dhaulagiri (8,167 m).
On 18th May 2005,
Marko Lihteneker
(46) was unable to return from Mt. Everest, after
Lihteneker and his colleague Viktor Mlinar had conquered the highest point on the planet.
In the evening, Mlinar returned to the high-altitude campwhichwas located at an altitude of
8,300 m, while Lihteneker was said to lose control over oxygen volume due to poor weather
conditions. Lihteneker and Mlinar were part of the Russian commercial expedition to Mt.
Everest led by Alexander Abramov.
On 24th August 2008, while descending from a successful climb over the northern wall and
a climb to the top of Mustagh Tower (7,284 m) one of the top Alpine climbers,
Pavle Kozjek
(49), fell into the depths through a snowdrift.
On 4th August 2008,
Miha Valič
(30), an Alpine climber and a mountain guide, lost his life
while descending from the top of Cho Oyu. He died fastened on a fixed rope, probably due
to altitude sickness.
On 3rdOctober 2009, while heading fromcamp I to camp II of theManasluMountain (8,156
Franc Oderlap
(51) received a blow in the head by a piece of ice, causing him to sub-
sequently succumb to severe injuries on the way to hospital. The purpose of the expedition
was to test the new equipment (skis and oxygen cylinders) for the 2010 K2 SKI expedition
that was about to be led by Davo Karničar.
On 10thNovember 2009,
(40) died in circumstances which remain unexplai-
ned, most likely while descending from the top of Langtang Lirung.