Page 77 - Slovenci v Himalaji od 1954 do 2013

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S L O V E N I A N S I N T H E H I M A L AYA S F R O M 1 9 5 4 T O 2 0 1 3
Date of summit ascent and summi-
Date, highest point reached (wit-
hout summit), mountaineers
Franc Oderlap died on ascent
Memorial Camp was dedicated on
30 anniversary of the first Yugoslavia
and the first ascent of the west ridge
on Everest.
20. 05.: Tomaž Jakofčič with free clients
Normal route
10. 10.: Matic Jošt, Boris Lorenčič,
Karel Završnik, first ascent on Nital
Thaur (6236 m) in alpine style.
Hardeol was not climbed because of
bad conditions.
09. 10.: Matej Kladnik, Aljaž Tratnik,
Blaž Navršnik
Reached 6200 m.
18. 07: Urban Novak, Ambrož Bajde,
new route in NW Face of Hidden Sud
(7109 m)
07. 10.: Irena Mrak, Mojca Švajger, To-
maž Goslar
Expedition was unsuccessful, reache
C2 (7000 m)
21. 08.: Nejc Marčič in David Debeljak,
23. 08.: Urban Novak, Nejc Marčič
24. 08.: Luka Stražar, David Debeljak
25. 08.: Nejc Marčič in Urban Novak,
27. 08.: Luka Stražar in Urban Novak,
30. 08.: Urban Novak, Luka Stražar, Da-
vid Debeljak, Nejc Marčič
01. 09.: Nejc Marčič, Urban Novak in
Luka Stražar
07. – 09. 09.: Luka Stražar in Nejc Marčič
06. 09.: David Debeljak in Urban Novak
2nd ascent of Marko Prezelj route
from 2007, last 300 m new
New route